About Sick Jacket

Welcome to Sick Jacket!

Hello! My name is Julie and I'm the owner of Sick Jacket. Sick Jacket is here to make your journey to a more sustainable closet EASY & FUN! I specialize in high quality, everyday, wearable vintage pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

Did you know that the "fast fashion" industry is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply and the second-largest contributor to carbon emissions? Did you know that 60% of clothing that is made is later tossed into landfills? The stats are endless on how the fast fashion industry is damaging the planet. The fast fashion industry also puts many lives at risk by using manufacturing plants in other countries that are unsafe and do not provide a living wage to their workers.

I hope that my shop will inspire you to build a secondhand closet and home. I will do all the work of sourcing incredible vintage and secondhand pieces so that you can build your wardrobe knowing that your choice is benefitting the future of our planet - and makin' you look so SICK!

Now a bit about me ... 

The idea of starting this business began after my husband and I welcomed our baby into the world in 2018. We decided that we would do whatever it takes to build the life that we wanted to live - a life of being together! I have been building my own personal closet by shopping secondhand for the last 13 years so I was ready to take on the challenge of curating pieces for my community through my own shop. My husband, Arnel, is also self-employed and is the owner and recording engineer/producer/plays-every-instrument guru of Royal Studio. It's the best studio in Edmonton, please check it out! 

As a fully self-employed family, every purchase you make from my shop goes to taking care of our family. I am truly, endlessly grateful for every visit to the website,  follow on Instagram, chat in the DMs, purchase, like, comment, etc. The sustainable community in Edmonton is the BEST and I am honoured to have a corner in it!


Julie xo